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We are coffee importers based in the Netherlands and Colombia. We are committed to bringing you some of the best coffees from Latin America with an emphasis on Colombia.

We are Direct Trade to the core. We are in the unique position of having our own exporting company in Medellin, a concept we are repeating in other countries. In our quality lab in Medellin we receive hundreds of samples a month from which we only select the best to be exported. To guarantee the best physical quality of the exported coffee we are also setting up our own dry mill specialized in micro lots. By keeping the supply chain as short as possible we guarantee that the largest part possible – of the price you pay – reaches the producer.

With a select group of farms we have built up long-term relations where we accompany them in their struggle to always keep improving quality and production. High environmental and social standards are a base line for all our producing partners whom we visit regularly.

From our base in Amsterdam we can send our coffees all over Europe and beyond. We speak, Dutch, English, German Spanish and French. So don’t hesitate contacting us. Are you interested in more? We can ship worldwide directly from Colombia and even find a coffee especially for you.

We can supply our coffees with extensive background information and imagery, something rooted in the origin of the company, which was founded by two journalists on a quest for great coffees with great stories.

Check out our list of current offerings or learn more about our featured new arrivals below.


Giraldo Webcutout


The farmers of Café Exótico de Altura produce a prizewinning coffee with a delicate flavor containing notes of milk chocolate, caramel and red fruits. A balanced acidity combines nicely with a medium, but smooth body. It’s a beautiful all round coffee that will produce a wonderful espresso as well as a pour over. 

Many producers of the group have won prizes in recent years. One of them reached first place in the cup of Antioquia last year. And several were finalists in the Cup of Excellence of Colombia.

Altitude: 1700-2100m

Variatal: Caturra 70% / CASTILLO 30%

Process: Washed, 18h Fermentation, sun-dried.

Altitude: 1750-1950m

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Washed, 24h Fermentation, Partially sun dried.


Luz Soraida Restrepo and her three daughters produce a subtle and pleasant coffee with a fragrance of milk chocolate with a hint of peach and spices.

Luz Soraida bought this spectacular but neglected farm a year ago with the family’s savings as a college fund for her daughters. With the help of her brothers she managed to quickly turn the place around.


Luz restreop cut out3391sm
Luis Emilio sm


Café vampiro has chocolaty, caramel fragrances with lemony notes. A nice flavor of chocolate and brown sugar. Medium acidity medium body.

We are proud of our Vampiro; this pure, organic coffee is the only one in Antioquia that is 100% certified organic. The coffee trees are raised on the pristine steep slopes of the Andes overlooking the Cauca River. Finca owner Luis Emilio Vélez allows the vampire bats on his finca to live inside his coffee storage. Right above the well protected coffee bags.

Altitude: 1600-1750m

Variatal: Caturra, Colombia

Process: Washed, 24h Fermentation, African beds.